Project: Social Work and Community Development
Area: Community Development
Coordinator: Ncumisa Mpahleni

Description: The extended family is still intact in a township like Nyanga, but has been made fragile by the forces of poverty, urbanization and the psychological legacy of apartheid. There is a need to train and support the women, men, grannies, aunts, neighbours and older siblings – families of whatever sort – who take on the role of caregiver to a vulnerable child. For maximum psychological support, the mothers or primary caregivers will need to be kept together with small children in their care when they are ill or depressed – in a congenial environment – and supported physically and emotionally.

Our Social Worker has abused children referred to her from the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court for counselling, to prepare them for their court appearances and to educate them around their rights and responsibilities. Our Social Worker helps Etafeni’s clients access grants – the team of social workers, auxiliary social workers and community care workers is committed to seeing that better parenting practices and secure children become the norm in Nyanga.

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Mobile VCT unit in the field

Mobile Testing unit in the field

Project: Mobile Testing Unit
Area: Health Care
Coordinator: Vuyiswa Nelunqna

Description: We have a Nursing Sister on site, who provides the local community with medical assistance including family planning and pap smears, counselling and testing. Services include a VCT (voluntary counselling testing) component, and education including the value and importance of nutrition. She is supported by three counsellors who also conduct information sessions at local high schools, educating young people around sexual health and advertising the services at the Etafeni Centre.

In partnership with the Desmond Tutu TB Centre at the University of Stellenbosch, Etafeni has a team of two nurses and four counsellors who go out into the community. They especially target informal settlements, where they park their caravan, attract people with a loudhailer, and then counsel and test for HIV and screen for TB. They are able to diagnose and get many people onto treatment this way.

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