How can I help?

We always need fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh chicken livers, fresh milk, fresh wholewheat bread, fresh eggs, fruit juice, brown rice, samp and beans, lentils, soup mix, tinned tomatoes, tinned tuna or pilchards, jungle oats – any fresh healthy whole foods.

  • Many of the people we care for have compromised immune systems and we cannot risk date-expired food, artificial colourants or refined sugar.
  • We can arrange to collect groceries.

We always need equipment for our crèche, preschool and afterschool care: paper, crayons, pencils, sharpeners, kokis, finger paints, poster paints, paint brushes, jam jars, playdo, educational toys, children’s books (preferably in Xhosa), playground equipment, sports equipment, musical instruments, computer equipment.

  • We always need soap, hand towels, lavatory paper, tissues, jik, sticking plasters and savlon.
  • We always need windolene, sunlight dishwashing liquid, drying-up cloths, Mr Min, washing-up sponges and handy andy.
  • We always need good children’s clothes, especially school shoes, navy and black shorts and skirts,
    white shirts, navy and black jerseys. Good clothes for adults are much in demand.
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